Bizarre! : Malawian youth in a graveyard photoshoot

The craving for social media likes has pushed some Malawian youth in Blantyre to the graveyard for a photoshoot session.

The move has left the nation in shock with the images in circulation across social media platforms attracting heavy criticism. The public reaction has been built on respect for cultural values.

Critics argue the involved group has crossed boundaries considering the serious nature of the setting for their photoshoot. They say this shows lack of respect for dead people’s souls.

Shot in the graveyard: Trending image of Malawian youths having fan at a cemetery.

Their actions have attracted attention of award winning hip hop artist, Martse, who spat venom in a Facebook post on Monday. He labelled the youth’s actions stupid stunts.

“Regardless of the fact that we are considered as entertainers but I think it’s highly important that we respect our cultural values. I understand most get fame in different ways but there are a lot of right ways of getting there. Stop pulling stupid stunts you will regret for the rest of your life….Kaya mwamva ma yoh?” reads Martse’s Facebook reaction.

The rapper’s reaction is to a greater extent in line with the general public’s position on the matter that the group is seeking attention which in turn may bring fame. The choice of setting has been interpreted to be a deliberate move by the youths to distinguish themselves.

Martse is not the only local celebrity to have reacted to the pictures.

Viceroy of the Demeti fame is among the stars who have negatively reacted to the pictures.

Malawian youths in urban settings as inspired by hip hop lifestyle, flood the social media with high definition pictures. Setting of the pictures matters more than quality hence choice of sites that can hook the eye.



  1. Do they have permission from relatives to sit on the graves of the departed? These youngsters should learn to respect the resting place of the departed. If any misfortunes start happening to them or their families then they have themselves to blame! They should know that in our culture a graveyard is a no-go area and can only be visited with permission from the responsible elders and after certain rites have been carried out! Let these idiots get punished by the angry spirits!!!!!!

  2. This is how it turns out, when authorities issued an order to ban #super midoli# but no any enforcement on the order how do you expect our stupid and foolish lads to behave under the influence of #super midoli and #vaneti. Expect worse!

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