Photo Gallery: Helen Singh finally rests


Thousands of Malawians today thronged the Comesa Hall in Blantyre where they paid their last respects to  politician cum businesswoman Helen Singh who died of lung cancer three days ago.

She died aged 64.

Singh led the United Independence Party (UIP) in the 2014 elections.

Her body has since been cremated at Sikh Temple.

Here are some of the pictures our Blantyre based reporter Andrew Chilapondwa shot.

 Hellen Singh

Hellen Singh lies in state.

Hellen Singh

Hellen Singh’s children

Opposition Party Leaders

Opposition Party Leaders at the service.

Hellen Signh

Gone but not forgotten.

Inkosi Yamakosi Gomani V8

Inkosi Yamakosi Gomani V8

Inkosi Yamakosi Gomani 5 leaving Comesa Hall7

Inkosi Yamakosi Gomani 5 leaving Comesa Hall

Hellen Signh

Malawians came in large numbers to say goodbye to Helen Singh.

Charles Mchacha represented government at the service.

Hellen Signh

Rest in Peace Madam!

‘I cant believe’ A woman spotted crying her lungs out in disbelief.

Hellen Signh body viewing

Hellen Signh body viewing




  1. Cremation is done by Hindus and Budas who worship Idois, and they don’t believe the existance of God of Abraham, or is cremation also bibilical?……the late Madam Ellen Singh was a Christian!

  2. Process yowotcha inachitika komwe kunapita a ku family okha. We cant post such photos here. The photos we have posted are those from the memorial service at Comesa hall, The body was later taken for cremation after the service.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if some people understand things. Why are you busy talking down Malawi 24 on misinforming u on kuwotcha thupi la malemu? If you are being misinformed about the news why can’t you go to those media’s you think they can’t misinform you?

    In the Malawi 24 comment above it clearly states that the body was cremated but only family members are allowed to such ritual, hence no photos allowed. Am sure even if you visit/listen to various media houses they will tell u the same thing.

    Please, sometimes its best to find out more about things before you start talking unfair judgements.

    Thank you

  4. Inu a Malawi 24, dzulo mwatiuza kuti thupi aliwotcha ku chipatala, Nanga lero ndi chani ichi?? Munthu ali mu coffin, muzinena zoona zenizeni osati kutiuza bodza apa ayi chonde ndapota nanu abale amzanga.

  5. A pacesetter,
    Humble servant who realy stood for the poor mass,
    Selfless politician,
    Symbol of hope to many….
    May her soul rest in peace.
    Oh, Abusa…….

  6. kenako akaotchedwe?vuto la azimai athu akuno kutengeka ndi amuna akunja kufuna kutchuka lero ndi izo munthu akukaotchedwa zomwe kuno sidzinachitikeko ndi mkale lonse ,analowa chipembedzo kamba kamamuna osamuudza zoti mukafa mudzaotchedwa eshii zolilitsa ndithu ndie zikatero mukadyera kuti?

  7. komatu dzulo you told us kuti thupilo aliotcha lero. where are the photos? I’ve seen those posted on your website but nothing about burning. NDEKUTI mumalembadi mabodza inu, try to do a deeper research before publicizing pliz pliz plz