Our politicians are not wise – expert


A local political scientist has faulted Malawian politicians for using funerals as platforms for throwing jabs at each other on socioeconomic hiccups affecting the country arguing it is an indication of not being wise.

Peter Mutharika and Lazarus Chakwera

Mutharika (L) heads DPP which is still in verbal war with MCP led by Chakwera (R). (File)

The sentiments follow reports of fights between opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at funeral services over the past week.

During a funeral of the country’s former cabinet minister Mwatayachanga Chirwa, the DPP and MCP threw jabs at each other over the challenges that have rocked the country.

A cabinet minister in President Peter Mutharika’s government disclosed that MCP will remain in opposition if the party continues opposing without offering direction to be followed.

While the MCP urged the government officials to embrace the spirit of Chirwa for the country to make strides on development.

On Saturday, commotion erupted at the funeral of Senior Chief Lukwa’s mother after DPP governor in Kasungu Oswald Chirwa snatched a microphone from an MCP legislator, preventing him from giving his condolences.

The development forced the relations to carry the body to its resting place without a proper church service.

Commenting on the matter, the analyst Wonderful Mkhutche has expressed dismay on the country’s politicians for such actions.

Wonderful Mkhutche

Wonderful Mkhutche: These wars need to stop.

“The challenge is that they take advantage of the gathering to advance their political agendas. But if they can be wise enough to understand the place they are at, they would tame their actions.

“It paints a lot of bad images in people who are seeing them fighting in such a manner and place. One indication of a wise person is knowing how to act depending on place and situation. Their actions were inappropriate and they fall nothing short of politicians lacking wisdom,” said Mkhutche.

He further advised politicians to restrain from attacking each other during funeral services arguing it is bad to take advantage of mourners.



  1. Vuto ndi mafumu dyera, alingati hule odyela ndalama kwa amuna ambiri ndiye onse akazakumana pamakhala mikangano ngati imeneyi

  2. At least that’s honest assessments for these foolish politicians I came across them pamaliro a inkosi Mponela very shameful and irritating indeed

  3. Why exchanging jabs @ funerals yes it is savege at the highest level kukanganilana kuyankhula pamaliro whay a shame? why not competing doing development activities ? do u think we can clap hands for such foolishness? andale tasinthani we go to funerals to mourn not to listen to politics ndale saadya organise special places for political meetings

  4. they are dull minded,Idiots,uncircumcised,Unpatriotic,dirty and educated saveges. Next time dont give the a microphone or even a chamnce to talk to the people at the funeral of a well known person.Only chiefs and the deceased family members are the ones to give a talk. Zamveka? Anthu amenewa amasiya kulankhula mawu owatonthoza anamfedwa ndikulowesamo za ndale, Zokhuza zipani zawo.

  5. Politicians are not dumb, its you people who are dumbiest, you fail to hold them accountable, you refrain from demostrations, you always complain without acting…….

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