The truth behind fallout between Prophets Megas and Bushiri revealed

Prophet Sam Megas

Malawi’s Prophet Sam Megas has of late been getting more attention than some of Africa’s well known men of God.

The South Africa based prophet was until a few a months ago one of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s trusted sons but the two parted ways.

Malawi24 has inside information on how two of Malawi’s celebrated prophets fell out with each other.

Prophet Sam Megas
Prophet Sam Megas fell out of the ECG.


Sam Megas is a young man from Malawi who is slowly making it big in South Africa as a prophet. After attending school at Lilongwe Pentecostal Christian School (LPC), he passed through the corridors of MCA where he studied accountancy.


Megas served under Apostle Ziba who groomed and helped him to his calling. He later opened his first ministry in Lilongwe, before he submitted to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and joined ECG.

While at ECG, he planted a branch in Giyani, Limpopo where he managed to capture the hearts of many people and helped grow ECG in the province, and even gained the prophet’s doubters to ECG.

The fallout with ECG

It is understood that his uncontrollable fame, charisma and his sharp spiritual eye landed him in trouble. As per this reporter’s investigation, the young man became so famous that people from Limpopo and Giyani stopped making long trips to ECG Headquarters in Pretoria and opted to attend his church services that slowly became a darling and a source of life changing gospel.

To make matters worse, he captured the attention of Pretoria Headquarters members such that Giyani was the talk of people and everyone’s dream was to visit the unanimously growing church.

Later in human terms we understand that this young man was amassing great businesses and popularity in the big man’s field.

His ability to teach the word of salvation, prophecy, deliverance and revelation and to heal people usually left the congregation salivating for more to the extent that most of them slowly started changing their names from Bushiri to Megas.

It is claimed by other well-placed sources that this did not go down well with Bushiri who felt Megas had grown wings and was slowly becoming a centre of attraction.

“This is against ECG’s policies which discourage pastors from making a name for themselves but rather pave a way for Major Bushiri. Among others, pastors are not allowed to make any posters without putting the image of Bushiri on it. In most cases, Bushiri’s image has to be bigger than theirs,” said the source.

The fame of the ‘son’ prophet made the church administration act emotionally. Prophet Megas, who was then forced to use the name Apostle Sam Megas as a symbol of respect to Bushiri, was asked to vacate the branch, with the involvement of Prophet Uebert Angel doing the announcement of his removal in church service, which left people in shambles of confusion.

A new pastor and trusted son of Bushiri Pastor Paul Banda was sent to the branch.

“This angered members who then went on strike demanding that their resident man of God Prophet Sam Megas be reinstated and Banda removed,” another source told our reporter.

“Megas was then fired, and denied accessibility to things for him to suffer and asked to leave ECG, bringing division among members as most of them opted for the son rather than the Papa”, she added.

Megas, frustrated with his treatment at ECG, formed Swords Global Ministries.



  1. People of God can we stop all this,pointing fingers won’t change a thing.just pray tht God give u a decentmant of spirit,thn u wll know the truth

  2. Papa is my prophet,a true man of god,believe him or risk dying as an evil person,papa my prophet prophesied so that we can know god more,its more interesting and easy to go and pray with the man of god,he is in Pretoria show grounds very close ,god is there go and worship to the god of major1, amen

  3. It all started in heaven when satan was fired. From the cabinet. It just the repetition of what happened in heaven.

  4. Both are false prophets… first ALWAYS check their plan of salvation, they always add works. Turn/repent of sins, tithes, good deeds etc. Especially in the Pentecostal churches. The phrase “Repent of your sin” 0x in Bible, 13x in Book of Mormon. Wake up… Salvation is 100% by faith alone, you cannot lose it!!! John 3:16-19, Romans 10:8-13, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 4:5. Also they will not warn people of Hellfire, they will not seek to save people – check Bushiri’s website, nowhere does he explain the Gospel. It’s all about getting followers = more money. Also, check their “prophecies” – if not 100% accurate, if it doesn’t match what the Bible says, they’re fake – see the end of Deuteronomy 18. The Bible says there shall be name false prophets and false Christs in the end days, and specifically warns us against them. Do not make the mistake that anyone who claims to be a man of God actually is one. “Prove all things, hold fast that which is good” 1 Thessalonians 5:21…

  5. If you groom someone and they excel better than you….. why dd you choose to groom them in the first place? If it is God who said groom did he also say fire? I just dnt understand submission…. sumtyms we manipulate one another using this word.

    1. God sees and just stair at you as person hard to convince as Judas. After all the time spending with him, making his way to the known world, he eventually betrays the founder. My life is after success not honest. The eyes of God looks beyond physical human eyes but just judges miserabely, fortelling your wish to gain momentum which you wish but God will not give you.

  6. Bushiri always hinders his close pastors from gaining recognition. he even restricts them from uploading videos performing miracles on youtube, but only him. what kind of man of God is that. I believe in Prophet SAM megas or. My Prophet Bae. love you papa. please prophesier and deliver me. i need more financial break through

  7. this is my prophet. his prophencies so accurate and anthentic, and phoresic. we love you papa. the chosen one to lead.

    1. If he is a real man of God, you would be able to tell us that you are 100% sure you’re saved and going to Heaven, and explain why + how + what you’re saved from. Because he would have moved heaven and earth to explain it to you and loads of others to save you from the fires of Hell. Yet he doesn’t even have the Gospel on his website?! He is a charlatan and you are following man, not God. BTW how to go to Heaven for sure? Read IN THIS ORDER from a KJV: Romans 3:12, 3:23, 6:23. Isaiah 64:6. Revelation 21:8. Romans 5:7-8, 10:8-13. John 3:16-18. Romans 4:5. Acts 16:30-31. Ephesians 2:8-9. You’re most welcome. As for Bushiri – Matthew 7:16-24.

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