Mutharika warns Malawians over social media use


President Peter Mutharika has warned social media users that his government will not allow them to turn Malawi into a society of anarchy.

Mutharika made the remarks at Kamuzu palace in Lilongwe during a briefing on Fibre Project that is expected to improve internet services in the country.

The president urged every Malawian to use social media with sense of patriotism, integrity and responsibility.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika issues stern warning on social media use.

“Social media and internet must not and should never use as a tool for insulting one another and committing criminal acts. Let’s not abandon our Malawian Umunthu just because we can speak without being seen. Connectivity doesn’t mean Malawi must become the society of online anarchy. That I will not allow,” He added.

The Malawi leader further warned all people who misuse internet that they will face the long arm of the law saying no one will be able to hide.

“The time for those who think they can commit cybercrimes and get away with is now over. Use your Facebook and WhatsApp with responsibility. We now have a law to make online criminals pay for their crimes. If you think you can hide, I say to you that you will no longer escape because we now have the means to do so,” Mutharika stressed.
He further urged Malawians to use social media sites to develop the country adding that that social media is a tool for economic and political empowerment if used responsibly.

Speaking at the same function Malawi Information Minister Nicholas Dausi said that the coming of the project will improve a lot of services that depend on internet accessibility.

“The project is expected to achieve among others Electronic Learning, Electronic Banking and Electronic Health,” Dausi said.

The project is expected to be launched on 26 April at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe and is likely to improve internet speed countrywide.

A company from China is expected to do the work with Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) as an implementing company.



  1. Get a free VPN client like Hola on your smartphone or PC. Then you can bypass country restrictions but also then email, social media sites etc get confused. Then it’s like you’re in Malawi but the IP trace shows USA 🙂 freedom of speech is vital!!! However, social media is pretty evil anyway. When I used to have Facebook I kept getting evil perverted messages from random sick people. Real life is better…

  2. Mukamabva kt chamba ndiye mcimeneco Mr president. Musabele anthu zocita zawo,, nthawi yoopsezana inantha kale kale ndi Olemekezeka Muluzi. Zikasowa zokamba kulibwino kunkhala chete dan kt uzitiopseza.

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