Bushiri underfire in Zambia


South Africa-based Malawian self-styled prophet Shepherd Bushiri has come under heavy fire in Zambia for claiming that there will be war and bloodshed in Zambia.

‘prophet of doom’

A grouping of religious organisations in Zambia have bashed the flamboyant ‘man of God’ for being the ‘Prophet’ of doom.

National House of Prayer Advisory Board described as absurd for a man calling himself prophet to only be interested in speaking doom about other countries leaving out real issues in the country of his origin.

“We reject and reverse words of doom over Zambia and I would like to advise Zambians not to be unsettled as our country is under a spiritual covering of the Lord Jesus Christ, as written in Isaiah 60:18 ” said Bishop Banda, who is also Zambia Assemblies of God overseer.

Prophet Bushiri is said to have prophesied that he was seeing a wall that represented Zambia and a big crack in that wall which eventually collapsed and killed a lot of people.

Bishop Joshua Banda (c)

“According to his interpretation, the crack in the wall represented civil war in the country that would eventually claim many lives” reported Lusuka Times.

The board also rubbished prophet Bushiri’s prophecy over Zambia describing it at a cheap opportunistic move to earn self glorification.

In response,  Bushiri has described the board’s claims that he predicted war on Zambia as “the biggest fake news”.

“There was no prophecy of such nature that was given concerning the Nation of Zambia. There will be no war in Zambia neither blood shed” he posted on his Facebook page.

Zambia is going through a turmoil, with Leader of Opposition, Hakainde Hichilema disputing results of the general elections held last August that saw Edgar Lungu being declared winner. The outcome meant Bushiri’s previous prediction that the opposition would win the elections failed to come to pass.

Meanwhile, Hakainde Hichilema has been arrested for treason after he reportedly refused to give way President Lungu’s convoy.



  1. Am The Son Of Major One For Beta For Worse ECG for lyf,if u only knw hw i feel talkng nonsese to papa u can’t dare me,in short u ar cursed

  2. I have been watching Bushiri almost all times and I have never heard of bloodshed and those who are busy preaching lies you are not fighting Bushiri, you are fighting God. This prophet is a Prophet of God so be careful, you are fighting El shaddai, and if you know the meaning of El-shaddai then you will know what may follow you soon. Personally I see it fit for you to be humble and let. Bushiri your spiritual father.

  3. Don’t try to say negative words to the men of God you can be punished until you die.

    1. Is he really a man of God?Satan also can do miracles.We must be careful with prophets of today

  4. Malawi24, pls do not allow davil to use you. Where do you get such lies you people from Malawi? Y don’t you watch the prophetic channel, so that you could report what you c with your blind eyes. You just carry the DNA of lies and gossip. Major never spoke about war in Zambia.

  5. Bishop if u want to be glorified why not work out your own glory ….

    You can speak nonsense about my father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri…

    But one thing for sure ,’He was not voted in ,you can’t vote him out…

    Let God’s will be done

    We are tired of these stupid folly negative posts about our Spiritual father Major 1

  6. I am happy that the man of God from Assemblies of God Zambia rubbished that prophetic lie. People read the clear circumstances which are also in the media for everyone and then claim to be their prophesy? I appeal to those who claim to be Christians to read the Word of God, pray to God for revelation, and dont fall victim of these so called Prophets. People are leaving their war torn and poverty stricken countries _ which is not their fault.And come to South Africa for better opportunities, to an extent that some resort to mocking God just to benefit financially from the vulnerable and gullible whom I assume do not read and understand the Word of God. Lets All pray to the Creator and Saviour to Save Africa.

    1. My question is why these prophets are not using the same power to pray for better conditions in their own contries???

  7. these bena banda are truly men God why condeming what my prophet bushiri said in zambia are we having peace stupid pastors God is watching u u are destroying this innocent country in the name of calling yourself to be pastors and bishops after low u are fake stupid

  8. Joshua Banda you are not a true man of God, because that day l watch the all service l didn’t listen any word from my father saying about Zambia. Mr Banda you not bishop because if you’re a Bishop you suppose to say the truth.me l am a Zambian and l know you very well. That’s why today you have shown your true colours that you are fake Bishop or fake man of god.so from today talk about my father talk about your church and you’re not going to manage,because my father prophet Bushiri major 1 is not appointed by you. He was chosen by the almighty God, like Jesus said to his disciples. He said you’re not chosen by anyone or by me , you’re chosen by my father. Even my father has been chosen by the almighty God, God of major1.just do your doom like what you said yourself here Zambia with your church not to our church (ECG)

  9. What makes me wonder always is why Prophet Sheperd Bushiri is not looking for or talking about other people, but it’s the other way around? Honestly I am honoured to carry his DNA – for he’s my spiritual father .Some fight for God, but as for some of us, God fights for us.

  10. Hahahahahaha you guys you can talk as much as you want,but it won't change that Bushiri Major1 is the Really Prophet of God no 1 can change that,just watch.....Just stop jealous people let man of God do what God instruct him.T says:

    Prophet Bushiri is the prophet of God whether people Like it or not.You can right anything you want to write about him but still it won’t change anything he will still remain a Man of God.

  11. You know what! It is foolishness to fight someone who doesn’t fight back. Even says they shall gather to scatter! A truly man of God. Does nt oppose other fellow man of God’s work.

  12. This is rubbish and a lies .I was at Church on Sunday didn’t
    Hear the prophet talking about war in Zambia.Get your facts straight for your convenience the service was live broadcast ask for a copy of the service to prove this .

  13. Me shocked, I have been folowing Prophet Bushiri like no ones business….sunday to sunday and I even watched the all service on sunday where he was praying for the peace of the country Zambia inclusive but I never head him prophesy that…..eish pepople can lie as if it is the devil himself

  14. When you choose to do something such as article writing, do it with integrity. I deliberately did not use “reporting”, as the latter demands correctness. The Prophecy was for a Zambian audience and let be as such. How then that food eaten in Zambia now fills a stomach of a man in Malawi by the name “KONDWANI MKHALIPI-MANYUNGWA”.

    The prophet has not hired anyone at Malawi24 to follow up on his work, if this character wants to help us with the work in Kingdom of most high – in your family people are prostitutes, thieves, witches, murderers, adulterous. Please forward us names and addresses so that those who are deserving of our time and attention receive it. We will give you time to conclude your short lived affairs with your fans.

    I pray for you and friends to meet the grace of realization as to what to support visa vi manipulate. You are not the first nor the last, we have more celebrated reporters once in your position – touched by grace and now changed. Even much richer than before.

    Your intentions are not to harm but your time has been stolen by the devil and used for the destruction not of your relationship with the man of God but God. The Prophets does not need you or your position for he has bigger platforms than what your employer can afford, he can assist you find peace and joy. Let not your poverty make you sin, we love you and are convinced you will open your eyes.

  15. The bible says if my people who are called by my name will humble them selves and pray and seek my face and turn away from their wreaked ways l Will hear from heaven and heal their land, the people should not be quick to condem but listen to the Holy spirit , we need to go on our knees and pray for God’s intervention and not just speaking words that are empty with no word of God jacking .Please

  16. This rubbish prophet is going beyond his boundaries. He is only fit to cheat his illiterate followers. Proof of illiteracy in his followers is as follows:
    -The guy claims to be walking in air with his cheaply recorded video and in the background you see shadows of people lifting him but hidden from the camera.
    -Secondly, he claimed that he could extend the length of hands of his cohorts; but the video clearly shows that it is a simples trick of aligning the hands in front of a camera.
    Understand the bible very well; the era of prophets ended well before the birth of Jesus. The era of prophets was preceded by the era of the Judges and so on. How on earth can we be talking of prophets at this age. THIS BUSHIRI IS THERE TO REAP AND STEAL FROM THE IGNORANT. HE SHOULD LEAVE ZAMBIA ALONE BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH OUR PROBLEMS PEACEFULLY BUT ALSO FIRMLY.

    1. I was watching the services from the start till the end Major 1 didn’t speak about Zambia, and Prophet shepherd Bushiri is a true prophet of God, I believe in the anointing of Major 1 and I will always believe in it till I die.

  17. Bushiri is a major prophet and all he has said has come to pass am a witness to his prophesy ,prophesy comes to a nation as a warning its the way you respond to it that determines its out come,in the time of Noah they said he is mad just as you are saying now about Bushiri .You are our spiritual Leaders in our country have you tried to confirm this prophesy dont just answer because it profits you please get down to your knees and consult God on behalf of the nation then advise accordingly,if this nation falls into that turmoil you will be to blame because you misguided the nation as spiritual Leaders.Pastor Pukuta Mwanza I hold you in hi esteem but what is happening now I dont know what has gone wrong, you where my Pastor at Bread Of Life in kitwe you taught me biblical principles that keeps me moving now,but what has gone wrong .Joshua Banda I have douted him all the time I think hes got principles of the belly .Please Men of God advise the nation in the way that God will be pleased with.

    1. Zambia was officially declared a Christian Nation by our first democratically elected President Dr. Fredrick Jacob Titus Chiluba (may his soul rest in peace). This declaration has be kept alive by all upcoming presidents like late Mwanawasa, late Sata and the current President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has also reaffirmed the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. THIS DECLARATION ON ITS OWN MEANS A LOT FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT. IT MEANS THE NATION HAS BEEN GIVEN TO GOD FOR GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION – GOD WILL ALWAYS PROTECT ZAMBIA BECAUSE OF THAT DECLARATION. ON THIS ONE I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT THERE WILL NEVER BE WAR NOR MASS MASSACRES IN ZAMBIA (NOT NOW NOR IN THE NEAR PERCIEVABLE FUTURE) – WE CAN BET ON THIS ONE. HOWEVER, THOSE ABROGATING THE LAW OF THE LAND WILL SURELY BE CAGED REGARDRESS OF THEIR STATUS – AND THAT IS DEMOCRACY – NO SEGREGATION.
      Rule of law must always prevail. If Hakainde had blocked the motorcade of our first republican president Dr. Kenneth Buchizya Kaunda he would have been 6 feet underground as we speak now. Similary if it was in Malawi under Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda (GWAZI YA MUYAYA) the acts of Hakainde would have taken him to the famous Dzaleka Prison, where he would have rotten in the galos.

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