Malata subsidy beneficiaries warned against selling materials


The Malawi government has warned beneficiaries of the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Program (DAHSP) which is commonly known as malata and cement subsidy against selling building materials they receive under the initiative.

Ministry of lands and housing spokesperson Charles Vintulla stated the warning in an interview with the local media.

Vintulla said beneficiaries of the program who are selling their materials for whatever reason will still have to pay back their loans without fail.


Malata subsidy beneficiaries warned. . Google image)

According to reports, a survey that was conducted showed that many beneficiaries of the program sell their cement or iron sheets soon after receiving them.

Some of the beneficiaries claimed that they sell the materials to buy food.

However, Vintulla reminded the beneficiaries that the loan element of the program still stands and will have to be respected.

He also dispelled fears that the sale of the materials will undermine the intentions of the program or affect its progress.

He then assured districts councils in the country that any outstanding payments relating to the K7 billion subsidy program will be paid very soon.

The Malata and cement subsidy program was one of the initiatives the Democratic Progressive Party promised to implement once voted into power.

The program provides poor people with building materials on loan so that the beneficiaries should be able to build houses.