Kamlepo blames government for Lake Malawi tragedy


Member of Parliament for Rumphi East constituency Kamlepo Kalua says the Lake Malawi accident which has claimed several lives in Rumphi could have been avoided if government had built roads in the area.

So far it has been confirmed that five members of CCAP have died after the boat which they were travelling in capsized on the lake at Mlowe in Rumphi on Sunday. The boat was on its way to New Salawe in Nkhata Bay via Tchalo, Zunga and Old Salawe in Rumphi.

Kalua: Says such accidents could be avoided if roads were constructed.

According to Kalua, if authorities had constructed a road connecting Mlowe and Msuku the incident could not have occurred.

“I pray God should grant us the grace to have a road connecting Mlowe, Zunga and Tchalo to Msuku. We could avoid such accidents and preventable deaths. It is a very big project that needs a lot of resources but with God all things are possible.

“We will continue exploring all possible ways of having this road. To all those that died on the boat accident; May their souls rest in peace,” reads part of his social media post.

As this post was made at least 54 people were said to have survived with 20 are still feared dead.

Meanwhile Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has joined the police in trying to rescue the remaining victims.



  1. Mr Philip u are saying the truth., Kodi inu honourable Kalau mukudandaula msewu kuti boma likumangireni msewu kodi mesa pompano munali peka peka ndi aunt Jeo!!!! dvuto limenero sumaliwona??? Umalowa my Parliament every session unayamba wapemphapo za msewu umenewu?? Mesa ntchito yako umalimbana ndi Chaponda basi instead of seeking development.. ndale za nsanje basi. Pephani nsewu basi Professor Arthur akumangirani within two months

  2. Lots of Phillips here in Malawi thus why we’re not developing

  3. a Phillip likadakhale kale ndikadati pachakuti panu……..
    mwamva zomwe anena a Kamlepowo? mesa akuti ntchito yomanga nseu olumikiza ma dera awiriwa njofuna ndalama zambiri? Ndiye mmafuna a Kamlepowo ndalama atulutse mu thumba mwao?
    Mukafuna kuyankhula pulizi kumadekha………

    1. Oh am sorry for commenting on this coz am from Zambia, the fact z weather in road transport or marine transport the accidents are there.u can’t say that in road transport there is no accident.mr kalua and yor supporters you are lying just work together with gorvement to improve infrastructure.

  4. Bwana Phillip Your sacarsm is uncalled for at this time. This is not about Kamlepo Kalua. But for the nation of Malawi. More over Kalua became MP in 2014 if I’m not mistaken. So how come you say He has been an MP for ages. Sometimes its good to take off your political coat and wear a Malawi coat when dealing with issues of national importance. This is not different from the Nsanje floods or the severe drought that hit parts of southern Malawi. This is a national disaster. In other countries flags could have been flying at half mast. Please be patriotic.Thats what His Excellency Prof. APM is calling for. Love your Neighbour as you love yourself.

  5. Mr Kalua in paliament for ages? The last time I checked i found that he has only been an MP for 3yrs only. Anyway am just passing by.

  6. Mr Kalua, mwawona kufunika kwa nsewu lero poti anthu anu afa koma mwakhala member of parliament for ages osakonzako nsewu kwanu komwe. Frankly speaking Mr Kalua, you are a lion without teeth linakula ndi dyela mwayinu basi. Kenaka muziti akumangileni zimbudzi ndimabafa kwanuko simunazolowela kuchitilidwa chilichonse kumeneko hahaha Mr Kalua shame on YOU.

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