Mutharika urged to listen to others


A political expert in Malawi has urged President Peter Mutharika to listen to advice raised by various people in the country.

This follows advice by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) at a press briefing where the body expressed concern over reports of ‘deep rooted corruption’ among top government officials.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika gets drilled.

Concurring with PAC, opposition parties in the country also ganged up against Mutharika for not taking action against government officials involved in corruption cases.

The parties cited the case of former minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development George Chaponda who was at the centre of a controversial maize saga.

Investigations on Chaponda’s alleged corruption led to confiscation of huge sums of money at his house.

Commenting on the matter, political Expert Mustapha Hussein disclosed that Mutharika’s administration needs to consider advice from Malawians for the betterment of the nation.

“What PAC and these opposition parties say needs to be considered bearing in mind that they are issues that affect Malawians, PAC pointed out corruption to be a setback in developing the country,” said Hussein.

He added that Mutharika’s led government must have a rapport with other political parties arguing that the advice given does not reflect bitterness of losing the elections.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi is on record to have said that those that have given advice are bitter with government and that all is well in the country.

While Mutharika is also on record to have challenged the religious body PAC to form a political party and face him in the 2019 tripartite elections.