Malawi witchcraft : Couple’s Songwe trip ends in church toilet

An unidentified couple was on Saturday night found naked in a toilet at Living Waters Church in Zomba, Malawi24 can report.

Found naked.

According to reports, the couple is said to have been on a trip from Zomba going to Songwe in Karonga district using “witchcraft”.

Members of community policing in Matawale Township disclosed that a security guard who at that time wanted to answer the call of nature, found a man and a woman naked in one of church’s toilet.

The woman is reported to have carried a child who was dressed.

When asked, the couple revealed that they were on a trip to Songwe but misunderstandings with fellow witches on board led them to be dropped along the way.

The two are from Chiweza village, Traditional Authority (TA) Jali in Zomba. Police are still investigating the matter.



  1. Inu a Livingwaters nanu too much Mapemphero mpaka kusokoneza maulendo anzanu

  2. This is just one of those stupid, fictitious and mystery stories. It is sad that Malawians like spreading such stories that have no truth in them. If you follow up this story you will find that the situation is not as portrayed and the people mentioned do not even exist. No wonder innocent people have got killed on the accusation that they practice witchcraft and yet the accusers have no proof or knowledge of how witchcraft is practiced. Malawians should stop trying to find answers to problems that they do not understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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