APM warns employers: You will be deported if you call Malawians monkeys

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has warned foreign employers that if they are found calling Malawian employees monkey they will be chased out of the country for good.

Mutharika made the remarks during a meeting with members of Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Thursday.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: Fires warning shots.

Recently, 46-year-old German Hinteregger Jurgen was deported for calling a Malawian worker a monkey.

In his remarks, Mutharika said calling someone a monkey is an insult and his government cannot condone such abuse.

The Malawi leader warned employers that they should not be treating workers as if they are in the year 1894.

“I know there are some employers who treat their workers as if they are in the year 1894 when workers did not have rights. May I remind them, that this is 2017, and this is Malawi. We now have a government that believes and protects the rights of workers. Let us all, employers and employees, fulfil our duties and our responsibilities,” Mutharika said.

He also said that introduction of community technical colleges by his government was geared to impart skills in Malawians with the aim of boosting labour force.

“As you all know, my Government established community colleges in order to improve knowledge and skills. We will have community Technical Colleges in all districts in this country. Skilled labour has higher value and is instrumental in the growth and development of the country,” said Mutharika.



  1. This president is irresponsible to suggest such actions Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will not hurt me.
    The incident refers to a German within the country to assist Malawians who bacame frustrated by the actions of a Malawian driver who damaged a company truck.
    Certainly the term Monkey is not appropriate but I can think of many others far worse

    Regretfully for many Westerners Malawians are uneducated with limited skills and not as hard working. Westerners should receive better training on what to expect once they arrive in Malawi.
    Many westerns do not come to Malawi to earn an income but to provide an income and assist in the building of structures roads for Malawians,

    Negative comments from the president does nothing to assist the country, he was a educator and he should be talking about education for Westerns on the culture of Malawi.

    All must respect the other. The president talking in this way is not productive nor does he sound like someone who spent more than 50 years outside Malawi,

    1. Well said Mr President..
      Let all recist live their lives outside Malawi
      Open the the front door for only good people.

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