Scary witchdoctor messages storm Malawian TVs

Apart from seating on that couch of yours watching local television stations, you will also be sparing yourself time to read outrageous adverts by witchdoctors indicating the help they are able to render.

’Kupangisa abwana kukupasani salary katatu’ reads one of the adverts in vernacular Chichewa making claims that one particular witchdoctor does magic that would see an employee getting paid thrice in a month.

With some adverts making claims as outrageous as witchdoctors having the capabilities of being able to assist people in landing a job, adverts of that calibre are running on local televisions like no other man’s business.

Foreign witchdoctors banned in Malawi

Adverts monitored by Malawi24 go to the extent of saying that the witchdoctors are even able of making a lover give every penny they find to their partner.

‘Kukhozesa mayeso (helping people pass exams), Kuika ndalama ku account (getting miracle money through bank accounts) Kubwezeretsa chikondi (bringing back lost lovers)’are some of the messages the adverts depict.

It could be undisputable that the witchdoctors might have really found an effective way of advertising their names owing to the extent to which the adverts have covered most of the advertising spaces in local televisions.

Some have also made claims that they cure most of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including HIV/AIDS.

Earlier last year the, Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living or Affected with HIV and Aids (MANERELA+) warned Malawians against fake traditional healers and witchdoctors who  claim to have medicine that cure HIV/Aids.

Witchdoctors also faced a massive denial when attacks on people with albinism spilled up in Malawi.

In June last year, the High Court in Mzuzu banned the media from running advertisements on herbalists in the wake of attacks on people with albinism.

Witchdoctors were by then said to be convincing superstitious Malawians that body parts of people with albinism when mixed with other charms bring good luck and wealth.


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