Mzuni in turmoil


It might have soared in its early days but now Mzuni is tumbling, heading to its fall.

Mzuni players have been boycotting training for the past week demanding the club to pay them their salaries.

The club’s chairperson Albert Mtungambela Harawa confirmed that the club owes the players money but assured that the issue will be resolved soon.


Mzuni F.C sailing through troubled waters.

“We wonder why the news is on radios and in local papers but this is a small issue and its indoor matters.

“This issue will be solved as soon as possible and we hope players will be back on ground this weekend. The technical panel already started preparing with the team geared to bring results in this season,” he said.

A few weeks ago, the students’ team played several friendlies to prepare for the new season.

Last season Mzuni FC finished on position 9 and this season they hope to achieve a top five finish.

However the strike threatens to derail the progress the team made and might see them struggling this season if not resolved in time.