Don’t rush into marriage – Kachaje


One of the country’s economic commentators Henry Kachaje has advised Malawian youths not to rush into early marriages.

Through a post on Facebook, Kachaje also faulted the popular saying that life begins at 40 claiming life starts at conception.

He said having lived more than four decades, he has learnt a few things that he wished to share with others especially those under the age of 30.

Henry Kachaje

Kachaje: Advises the youth to take their time.

“Yes, I know there is cultural pressure in Africa for young people to get married once they finish school or start working. My sober advice is: Take time to responsibly enjoy your youth whilst you are single. Don’t just rush into marriage because everyone is getting married.

“Young ladies: At age 25 and below, don’t be too preoccupied with finding a life partner. Focus on developing yourself in all aspects, be it career, spiritually or socially. Don’t think; ‘If I don’t find a life partner in school or college I might not find any, because they will all be taken up’,” said Kachaje.

He said ladies should not rush for the man who has “everything already”, but one who has a life-long vision that she can share and with whom she can build a life together.

The commentator added that young men need to focus on developing their careers and the ability to provide for themselves and their partners.

On the post, Kachaje advised youths not to waste too much money on a single day’s event called wedding claiming it is just the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

He added that on the wedding day they might not ride in a convoy of borrowed Range Rovers, but with a good savings and investments plan, they could own one later in life.

He finally advised the youths not to be pressured into having children just because society expects them to do so.

“Only have them when you are both ready for the serious challenge of parenting. Children must be welcomed into a stable relationship and in a financially stable home. Your children shouldn’t be fed free porridge at school by donors!” said Kachaje.

Malawi is one of the countries in Africa with high number of early marriages which has also led to more school dropout cases especially amongst girls.


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  1. And do not have sexual relations at all until AFTER you get married. Before marriage is called fornication, and is a wicked sin before the Lord. But also, it is bad to do for so many other reasons. Diseases, unplanned pregnancies, God forbid even child murder (abortion).

    Girls, if a man wants to lie with you but won’t marry you first – he doesn’t love you!!! Lust is not the same as love!