Standard Bank launches online VISA Debit card payments

Webster Mbekeani

Standard Bank is pleased to announce that its customers will now be able to pay for goods and services online using the bank’s VISA Debit cards.

Launching the offer, Acting Head of Personal Banking Webster Mbekeyani said it is an online, real-time payment settlement method that uses the bank’s security-enhanced VISA debit cards.

Mbekeyani said introduction of the offer represents a bold shift by the bank to offer convenience and efficiency of online transactions to suit customer lifestyles and needs.

Webster Mbekeani
Webster Mbekeani, Standard Bank Acting Head of Markets displays the new Visa ATM card during the launch of E commence-pic by Lisa Vintulla

He said with the offer, customers will be able to pay for goods and services online from international stores, merchants and services providers worldwide.

Payment of tuition and examination fees at international professional bodies such as ACCA, ABE, ABMA, City & Guilds, CIMA will now be easier and personalized than ever before.

“This offer is a part of the bank’s stride to make progress real for customers by providing them with electronic commerce capabilities that are flexible, safe, personalized and trendy. The on-line Visa payment offers limitless freedom to be one’s own boss or bank, by giving customers real power of purchase using their card,” said Mbekeyani.

He said Standard Bank’s Visa debit cards are embedded with a chip and pin to enhance safety of transactions online and over Point of Sale (POS) devices from any location in Malawi or abroad.

“We are proud to bring another first in our quest to make digital banking real and meaningful to customers. For speedy settlement, efficiency and safety, we encourage customers to use our Visa card service, and those not yet with Standard Bank, to make the switch to the bank that moves them forward,” he said.

E-commerce is the ability for people to do business online. This can be done either on business to business basis or business to person basis. For standard bank it is introduced on a person to business basis.

“For a long time Malawians have yearned for a solution that allows them to purchase goods on-line, and we at Standard Bank are proud to be responding to their need,” he said.

Other payment options available with the bank’s Visa card include air tickets, accommodation and access to purchase from popular online stores such as Amazon, e-Bay and Alibaba and entertainment sites such as I-store and NetFlix.