Chindekha star Vube opens up on Zani Challe


Musician Vube has revealed the reason behind his single entitled Zani Challe which dropped into the public domain in February.

Vube left the audience with unanswered questions having released Zani Challe, a song that is currently enjoying handsome share of space in urban circles.

He has made headlines with the song while his other single, Chindekha, is still on fire.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Monday, the Lilongwe based singer made his reasons behind Zani Challe known.

Paramount to his motives was appreciating the growing domestic industry.

“I did that song just to appreciate our own Malawian girl. Alot sing about foreign stars like Rihanna who they don’t know. So I thought about using my fellow Malawian as an example,” he said.

The artist whose real name is Kingston Kumbu Kasinja did not overrule the view that Zani Challe is beautiful thus a more befitting symbol of beauty.

The product houses a repertoire of skills required for a complete singer to be a praised. Veteran hiphop artist Phyzix is among the musicians charmed by Zani Challe having mentioned her in his latest project titled Noni Noni.

The song which features Dan Lu and Martse, indirectly exposes Phyzix high rating of Chiphadzuwa cha Malawi. Vube’s influence transcends to language having introduced the word Chindekha, meaning selfie.

It’s all owed to overwhelming public response to the hit single that tackles on current life among people with advanced gadgets.

As his music continues to take turns with regard to buzzing, the Area 49 MC will next week release a new song titled Zosatheka.

Audio and video will be released simultaneously once producers finalise the mastering process.

In his career, the singer has worked with Martse and Episodes, who are among the country’s cream in hip hop music. With his voice doing all the magic, he is considered to be a proof of why Malawi has a brighter future in music.

As his fairy tale continues to unfold, more great music is expected from him with public events currently conquered by his Chindekha hit single.