Malawians are lazy – Govt


Government through its spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has faulted the country’s citizens for being lazy saying the laziness is the reason for poverty in Malawi.

The sentiments follow a statement by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) that blamed the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government for failing to improve the lives of citizens.

PAC disclosed that corruption is blocking the country’s drive to prosperity among the citizens of Malawi.

Dausi says Malawians are lazy.

However, Malawi’s minister of information Dausi has said Malawians lack a spirit of hardwork to develop the country.

“Look around the urban and rural set up you will note that Malawians work for three months, the rest of the months we don’t work,” said Dausi.

He then urged authorities to consider helping the citizenry to be hardworkers to avert the poverty levels.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently disclosed Malawi’s economy looks promising with its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) going up as the country expects a bumper maize harvest.

The economy fell below 3 percent in 2016 due to poor climatic conditions in the three previous years. It is however expected to grow in the range of 4-5 percent this year.



  1. Useless person, ngati alibe chonena apa, apite ku toilet akakhale phee. A Malawi womwe akuwanyoza , Mmayiko ena akuwadalira kuti ndi wolimbikira ku gwira ntchito. Just say Government is lazy. They only know how to steal and to oppress the poor that’s why we have got extreme poverty in our beautiful country MALAWI.

  2. Mr Dausi,how can you insult yourself in that way?I do respect you as one of Malawian’s who should deliver something good,but with what you just said you do not deserv my respect.

  3. Akulu amenewa mngotembereredwa sure,akungoyankhankhula ndi mkamwa mwake mopanda mano,

  4. Sizoona kuti a Malawi ndife alesi, funsani olemba anthu ntchito Ku South Africa they always prefer to employ Malawian nationals for their hard work sprit,
    Late me remind you honorable minister that up to date there is no any cotton company that have shown interest to employ youthful citizens to buy cotton, I don’t know if you are aware of this hon. If this companies shun the youths I guess you here their cry coz these companies employ alot of youths out there!!!

  5. Uku ndikuyakhula mopusa munthu wankulu, Kulephera kwa boma kuthandiza athu, ndiye muziti a Malawi ndi aulesi, Anthu amaswera dzuwa lonse pamunda, kuyesa kuti mwina kukhala ndi chakudya, Pa dzaka 32 Dausi Mwakhala m’boma mwathandiza chani alimi kuti ulimi wawo upite tsogolo, anyamata ndi asungwana akuyesa yesa kuthamanga thamanga kupanga tima business, ndiye ulesi mukunenawo ndiye uti, in other words tinene kuti boma lathu kuphatikizapo inuyo a Dausi ndi aulesi, mukulephera kukopa ma company kuti azachite ma business awo kwathu kuno kuti tipeze ntchito. Kuyakhula mopanda dzeru kumeneko Dausi. ngati mwatopa ndi ndale siyani.

  6. A Dausi simumangolimbikila ndale chifukwa cha ulesi inu. Kukana kuti muzilima kwanu mufuna muzingodya misonkho ya anthu basi.

    1. Alex. kkkkkkkkk you have made my day. This is the truth, all lazy people including failures in life go into politics. While in politics they do not work hard to change the social economic situation in Malawi which has always been in bad state since 1994 but they also steal from our taxes big time.

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