The DPP is spreading false rumours against me – Kamlepo Kalua


Opposition People’s Party (PP) legislator Kamlepo Kalua has hit at Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for spreading false reports that he is connected to maize smuggling in Malawi.

This has been replied following reports of Malawi intercepting trucks loaded with maize which was about to be illegally exported.

Some reports connected Kalua to be the owner of the trucks that were attempting to take the maize across the border.

Kalua: Am being haunted.

Reacting on the allegations, Kalua has distanced himself from the illegal export of maize to other countries and accused the ruling DPP of being behind assassination of his character.

“These DPP guys are too shallow. Someone should teach them propaganda. They are spreading rumours that trucks belonging to me were smuggling maize to Tanzania. Shame on you. I have never owned a Truck nor have I ever done any business to do with maize. Just because they enrich themselves by smuggling they think we are all smugglers.

“However if it is true, I should be arrested because as a public servant I should be exemplary. If those trucks are mine I give the public the permission to burn them. Please burn them. Let’s see if these DPP shallow minds will do it. Otherwise go tell your master that his days are numbered and he should find another case for Kamlepo,” said Kalua.

Kalua has been in bad terms with the ruling party as he accused it of being corrupt.

He further accused President Peter Mutharika of shielding cabinet ministers who are connected to a number of corruption cases.

Kalua’s sentiments led to a verbal war with Mutharika as he demanded that Kalua must bring names of cabinet ministers said to be corrupt.



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  1. Kamlepo Kalua do not worst your precious time responding to these idiots. Thanx for telling them to set ablaze those vehichles, fanz yofoyira heavy imeneyi their days are numbered indeed.

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