CCJP equips Nsanje CBEs with bicycles to ease mobility

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) for Chikhwawa Diocese has handed over bicycles to Community Based Educators (CBEs) as a way of easing mobility in the course of promoting primary justice issues.

The bicycles were handed over to the CBEs on Friday at Nsanje Boma where almost 120 animators have benefited.

According to Project Officer for CCJP Gusten Kamwendo, as an organization, CCJP complements on issues of justice and hence the handing over of bicycles which would ensure widespread of justice messages to all communities in the district.

“The program is being implemented in all the 28 districts in the country. In Nsanje, we are in Seven Traditional Authorities implementing this project except for areas of T/A Mlolo and Nyachiakdza.

“The main focus is to help in upholding justice and peace as a branch of the Catholic. However, our outreach officers do not only go to the Catholics because the project is for everyone,” said Kamwendo.

The project officer further added that the donation, that comes from the DFID/UK AID through CCJP Lilongwe on the primary justice programme whose aim was to end violence against women and girls, would enhance mobility among CBEs who conduct their services in the communities some of which are hard to reach.

He however, asked the CBEs to take good care of the bicycles adding that apart from the primary justice program, there would also be other CCJP related activities which the animators would be asked to do on top of urging them to lead by example.

On his part, District Commissioner for Nsanje, Gift Rapozo, thanked the donors for the timely support.

“CCJP as a branch of the church strives to continue the work of Jesus Christ who moved into different places to preach justice and peace to the people. Since the project started in 2008 up to date, we have witnessed tremendous changes.

“You as CBEs, on the other hand are doing a good job contributing positively to the project and that’s why we realize these positive impacts and it is my plea that you continue doing the good job. I should also take an opportunity asking women to keep on taking part in the primary justice program,” said Rapozo.

Faina Moffolo, CBE Supervisor from Traditional Authority Ngabu in the district extended her appreciation to the donors through CCJP for easing their mobility as CBEs by providing them with the bicycles.

Each bicycle donated cost CCJP money amounting to K120,000.