Thieves targeting congregants


Unlike any other place, a church is a place where people feel secure but that’s not the case with St Columba CCAP Church in Blantyre where for the past two weeks, two church members have had their handbags stolen in the course of prayers.

A week ago, during a contemporary service at the Church hall, a woman (name withheld) was shocked to see her handbag and cellphones missing when she was returning from offering her offertory.

Thieves storm the church.

As if that was enough, just last Sunday during an English service, another woman (Name withheld) cried foul when her two cellphones and a handbag went missing as well.

Just like her fellow victim, she was also coming from offering her offertory when she noticed that her things were missing.

Making the announcement to the congregation, the Church’s First Session Clerk Bayana Chunga said: “We have just received communication that someone has stolen a handbag and two cellphones that doesn’t belong to him/her. Please, if you know that you are in possession of things that are not yours, hand over them to the Clerk’s office. We won’t reveal your name but hand over the things to us,” he said.

This is the first time in years for the church to experience such barbaric incidences.


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