Police caution road users ahead of Easter


As five die in three separate road accidents…

Police in the Eastern Region are appealing to all motorists to exercise caution when driving on the roads of Malawi ahead of Easter holiday.

The appeal has come following the death of five people in three separate road accidents in the region.

In an interview with Malawi24, Eastern Region Police spokesperson Joseph Sauka said road users should be very careful ahead of Easter holiday to avoid road accidents.

Sauka told Malawi24, that the caution is coming barely after five notable accidents happened in the region.

According to Sauka, the first accident happened at Mwina Trading Centre in Balaka district where three people died after being hit by a cruising motor vehicle Toyota Hiace minibus, registration number MHG 4268 which was being driven by Mr Finly Mwalija 30.

“He was driving from the direction of Ulongwe heading Liwonde and upon arrival at Mwina Trading Centre, he lost control of the vehicle due to speeding and ended up hitting Richard Makondetsa, 45, who was riding a motorcycle before hitting to death a pedal cyclist Mr Chewadi Kaliati 42 and his wife Elesi Kaliati.

“The two, Chewadi Kaliati and his wife, died on the spot while Richard Makondetsa died at Machinga District Hospital while receiving treatment,” he said.

Another accident happened in Machinga where a pedal cyclist Samson Magwira, 35, was hit to death by a motor vehicle Nissan Hard Body registration number LL 3504 which was driven by Emmie Dzimphonje, 43, from the direction of Liwonde heading Machinga boma and the accident happened at Machinga escarpment before Machinga boma.

“In Zomba a 33-year-old man Thokozani Salijeni died after being hit by a cruising motor vehicle registration number MZ 1656 Toyota Passo which was driven by Mr Daitoni Kennedy 32,” Sauka said.

All the accidents happened on Wednesday April 5, 2017 during day time and were caused due to overspeeding.

In a related development, a 70-year-old pedal cyclist is battling for his life at Balaka District Hospital after being hit by a motor vehicle Toyota Corolla registration number NU 9653 which was being driven by Mr Wisdom Sendedzera, 37, from the direction of Liwonde heading to Balaka on the same day 5th April, 2017.

“Upon arrival at Kachisi village along Liwonde-Balaka road, he hit a pedal cyclist Everson Batumeyo,70, who was crossing the road from left to right.

“Due to the impact, the victim sustained severe head injury and a fractured left leg and is currently admitted to Balaka District Hospital where he is receiving treatment,” he added.

Meanwhile, Police in the region are appealing to drivers to exercise care for other road users such as those on bicycles and on foot bemoaning the attitude of many drivers who do not observe the speed limits posted on roads and end up killing innocent people.