Mutharika owes Malawi explanation on Kaliati firing

Patricia-Kaliati, Peter Mutharika

A political expert in Malawi has taken to task President Peter Mutharika to explain the firing of minister of civic education, culture and community development Patricia Kaliati.

Mutharika through his presidential secretary Mgeme Kalilani disclosed that Kaliati has ceased to be a minister and her ministry is to be in control of Cecilia Chazama who is also deputy general secretary in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Patricia-Kaliati, Peter Mutharika
Kaliati (L) was axed from the cabinet by Mutharika (R).

Commenting on the development, political expert Ernest Thindwa has asked Mutharika to explain on the changes arguing Malawians need to know the truth behind the firing.

“The President has powers to hire and fire cabinet ministers the law states but we need to know as human beings why a person has been fired in this case former minister Kaliati,” said Thindwa.

However, Kalilani has since faulted the comment arguing it will not change the country’s laws on hiring and firing of cabinet ministers as provided in the constitution.

He added that Mutharika has a choice on whether to reveal the reasons of firing a cabinet minister or not arguing the constitution gives such provision.

Mutharika also fired Malison Ndau as information minister a few months ago on the grounds that are yet to be known.

The silence on the matter on why Ndau was kicked out of Mutharika’s cabinet raised speculations that the then Information minister protested some DPP decisions.


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  1. If u want 2say somethng,,u nid 2thnk b4 udo d@,,KALIATI sadamchotse angompumitsa,,next yr abwereraso,,umboni nd WINIKO, komaso musamalankhule ng@ DPP mwaiona lero,,Dpp idabwera mwangoz mmalaw muno,,d@s y zochta zawo sizkulongosoka and dont expect kt u’ll c any change frm DPP,,zachambaaa…

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