Hypocrisy blocking gender equality in Malawi – activist


Malawi’s gender equality activist Emma Kaliya has said that hypocrisy is hindering the promotion of gender equality in the country.

Kaliya said Malawi has a long way to go in promoting gender equality as compared to other countries in Africa.

Emma Kaliya : Hypocrisy behind these trends.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Kaliya called for a need of respecting laws that promote women’s rights.

“I have said for several times that there is so much hypocrisy in Malawi and rhetoric, when Parliament is putting laws, somebody does not want to respect those laws, laws on women rights are not respected, for example when a court has made a ruling that okay, you have a child with this woman and you must maintain this, people don’t respect that at all and there is no one to enforce that.

“Secondly it is the social norms that put women as objects in the country,” said Kaliya.

The activist has since urged the country to up its efforts in promoting gender equality arguing that some countries which are in conflict are better off than Malawi.

Kaliya has promised to speak for voiceless women whose rights are infringed saying they are to take to task authorities to enforce gender equality laws.

Meanwhile, the activists has commended messages being shared on gender equality in the country arguing that women now know where to report gender based violence cases.