Nkalabongo kills man in Nkhatabay


A 49-year-old man identified as McDonald Msumba has died after he took Nkalabongo on an empty stomach in Nkhatabay.

The district’s Police Spokesperson Ignatius Essau has confirmed the incident with Malawi24.

According to Esau, the deceased left home for Nkhatabay trading centre where he started taking the cheap spirits.

“In the evening of the same day after getting drunk, he left for his home village but upon reaching a nearby village called Kambale, he asked for a place to rest and it was offered to him,” said Esau.

“The next morning, owner of the house was surprised to see that Mr Msumba was dead,” Esau added.

An autopsy conducted revealed that the man died due to hypoglycaemia.

McDonald Msumba hailed from Kamwadi village, Traditional Authority Mkumbira in Nkhatabay district.

Meanwhile, police in the district are appealing to communities to desist from taking the liquor on an empty stomach.