ICTAM adopts new constitution

Wisely Phiri

The new constitution will allow members to seek re-election when their term of office expires. Information and Communications Technology Association of Malawi (ICTAM) has adopted a new constitution.

Initially, office bearers were serving one year in office but the new constitution will allow members to serve two years of office in two terms.

The new constitution was adopted in Lilongwe last week where ICTAM had its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Publicity Secretary for the association Bram Fudzulani said delegates at the AGM made the resolutions in order to address some of the challenges that have emerged because of changes in technology development.

Wisely Phiri
Wisely Phiri : ICTAM outgoing President.

“We have adopted a new constitution in order to address some of the issues that were there due to the growing change of technology as well as in the way the association has evolved since inception to where we are today.’’

“The new constitution will see other bodies associating with ICTAM because previously, our constitution was not clear on issues of affiliation to the body but now that is clearly defined,” he explained.

He further clarified of guidelines which the association has put in place to ensure leadership continuity.

“All active members are eligible to contest for all positions except for the positions of the president because the newly adopted constitution demands that the contestants should only come from the executive for the sake of leadership continuity but every position is open to all paid up members with the guidance of the adopted constitution,” he continued.

Fuludzani then revealed that ICTAM will hold an Extra-ordinary General Meeting at Mount Soche in Blantyre this coming Saturday.

He also added that the association will establish a permanent secretariat office in Lilongwe where all the administrative issues will be handled.

“Drafting of the just adopted constitution was our first priority and we are now glad that we have managed to get a consensus and adopted it. We held Malawi’s first ICT innovation forum and we hope that it will be an annual event that provides a platform to all the innovative minds out there,” he concluded.

The association’ outgoing president Wisely Phiri has explained the reason why the body did not hold elections at the AGM. He said delegates did not form a quorum.

“Out of 150 members, only 30 attended the AGM as such, we had to postpone the elections by a week to serve as a notice to all the members. However, if a quorum is not formed this week, we will still go ahead because we have satisfied what is required in our constitution which is a week notice after the first annual general meeting. There is also a 50+1 rule in the new constitution which states that, in order to be elected into ICTAM executive, an aspirant must hold a majority of votes. This has been done deliberately to ensure that members retain overall control,” he explained.