Abortion cases double in Malawi

As Malawi government is yet to make a stand on legalization of safe abortion in the country, recent research has disclosed that abortion cases have doubled.

Research by Guttmacher Institute and University of Malawi shows that while in 2009 there were 67,000 induced abortions in Malawi, in 2015 the figure rose to 141,000.

The study also showed that the rate of abortions per 1000 women aged 15 rose from 38 in 2009 to 49 in 2015.

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Abortion cases on the rise in Malawi.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Thursday, one of the researchers from College of Medicine a constituent college of UNIMA Doctor Chisale Mhango (Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology) explained that abortion is a setback in the country.

“We found that induced abortion is still a problem in Malawi, you may recall that in 2009 there were 67,000 induced abortions in Malawi. In 2015 the figures rose to 141,000. Though this follow reports of high contraception use in Malawi,” said Mhango.

The study results further show that the majority of induced abortion procedures in Malawi are performed under clandestine and unsafe conditions.

Complications from abortions have been estimated to account for 6 percent and 18 percent of maternal deaths in Malawi.

Abortion is only legal in Malawi in cases where the termination of the pregnancy would save a woman’s life. Otherwise obtaining an abortion for any other person is punishable by 7 to 14 years behind bars.

The abortion and post abortion study by the two institutions was made possible with grants from United Kingdom (UK) government, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.


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  1. If this study is funded by overseas institutes (Including the Dutch Government), this is cause for concern.

    1- If this is a study based on a sample, then the numbers could easily be wrong.
    2- If they know the numbers, they know who is getting the abortions and are therefore engaged in criminal activity, and harbouring + protecting criminals (murderers!!!).
    3- If they don’t know who got the abortions, and since it’s illegal, then how do they know? It could also be completely made up.

    Either way, all abortion is murder – abortion doctors and nurses are murderers and so are the women who get abortions! Women who get abortions can still get forgiveness from God, just believe on Jesus Christ for your salvation 100% and be saved, then you can see the babies you murdered in Heaven. Abortion doctors, no, you have to be a special kind of evil to do that, I think they are pretty much all reprobate.

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