Persons with albinism in Malawi receive sunscreen lotion


Over 80 Persons with albinism in Machinga have undergone skin screening and have received sunscreen lotion.

Albinos MalawiAccording to the Association of People with Albinism (APAM), out of 286 people with albinism in Machinga, 87 have been screened.

APAM chairperson Overstone Kondowe said people with albinism who had their skin screened also received sunscreen lotion.

“The 87 had their skin screened, received sunscreen lotion and some were referred to district hospitals for further skin treatment,” he explained.

The persons with albinism also received eye test services and after the eye tests 84 were given glasses.

Kondowe therefore thanked all players during the albinism awareness campaign for such a well packaged and holistic program.

He also thanked the well-wishers for the program which he said touched almost every part of the lives of persons with albinism.