NGO bails out vulnerable people in Kasungu

Malawi Project Inc

A Non-Governmental organization (NGO) has donated maize to 625 vulnerable people such as the elderly and orphans in Kasungu district.

The NGO called Malawi Project Inc. under Namikango Mission made the donation following a plea from church leaders and chiefs to the organization that some areas in Kasungu are facing hunger since rains started late and maize is yet to mature.

Malawi Project Inc
Malawi Project Inc making the donation in Kasungu.

Speaking to Malawi24 after donation of the maize, Warehouse Manager for the organization Wilson Tembo said that Kasungu Central and Nkhamenya areas received rains in January.

“We got a request from Church leaders there that people still have hunger problem because the rains started late and maize is yet to mature,” Tembo said.

According to Tembo, in Kasungu they targeted vulnerable people who cannot manage to source food on their own.

“Our focus was the vulnerable people such as elderly and orphans that were identified by church leaders and village heads that they need help regardless of church affiliation,” Said Tembo.

In his remarks, Group Village Headman Mwalimo of Nkhamenya revealed that his subjects are going through a cycle of hunger.

Mwalimo hailed the organization for the support as he said that people who are needy will have something to eat as they are waiting for their maize to mature.

“Since the rains started late, we are continuing with the hunger problem that started last year. We are very thankful for the timely provision of the food assistance,” Chief Mwalimo said.

After donating in Kasungu, the organization is set to donate to orphans and HIV/AIDS people through support groups and Community Based Organisation (CBOs) in Zomba district.

The food donation program will cost K5.5 million and is expected to benefit 1400 needy people.