Malawi politicians are greedy – Manganya

Michael Usi

Renowned comedian Michael Usi popularly called ‘Manganya’ has described politicians in the country as greedy people.

The remarks come at time Malawi is facing socioeconomic hurdles that have affected the citizenry of this country.

Among the challenges include shortage of drugs in public hospitals in Malawi.

Michael Usi
Usi: We have greedy leaders.

Reacting on the matter, Usi has expressed worry over lack of interest among Malawians.

Usi further blamed politicians for only pushing things to their benefits without considering poor Malawians.

“When these people are in Parliament and they approve health budget while watching a patient who is on oxygen definitely they cannot approve huge sums of money to state house,” said Usi.

Weeks ago, Manganya also pointed out local politicians’ shortfalls through his national address.

Through his national address, Manganya pointed out the need for politicians to focus on Malawians.


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  1. Its not only politicians who are greedy its all Malawians who are greedy! We just lack space to show our greed

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