Dedza bicycle operators geared to end road accidents


The Dedza Bicycle Taxi Operators Association says it is making strides to make sure that road accidents in the district are reduced.

Chairperson for the Dedza Bicycle Association Hackren Namusepa said all bicycle operators have been told to follow road rules as well as to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol when on duty.

Kabanza operators eye ending accidents. (Image credit: The AfricaPaper)

According to Namusepa, they are working hand in hand with the police who checks bicycle operators to ensure that they have the required bicycle equipment and roadworthy bicycles.

“As Dedza bicycle Taxi Operators we are making sure that every bicycle operator has a reflector and must not drink beer whilst operating on the road,” said Namusepa.

According to Namutepa, no bicycle operator is allowed to go on the road without registering with the association and those found are forced to do so.

He however expressed concern that some of their members have died due to road accidents that would have been avoided. He then called on the police to arrest drivers found breaking road rules.