NGO to construct classrooms

St Peters Malawi Education Trust

A UK based Charity arganisation called St Peters Malawi Education Trust is geared to build seven new classrooms at Chalizya Primary School in the area of Sub-Traditional Authority Chitanthamapiri in Kasungu.

In an interview with Malawi24, Public Relations Officer of the NGO Sapulain Chitonde said during Easter of 2018, St Peters Malawi Education Trust will be undertaking a massive project to transform Chalizya Primary School in central Malawi into a safe learning environment for its 900 pupils whilst at the same time tackling the shortage of staff accommodation, lack of access to clean drinking water in the school and the problem of pupils catching malaria.

According to Chitonde, the school is in desperate need of improved facilities since at the present 900 pupils are sharing just 6 classrooms, two of which are in a desperate state of disrepair and are dangerous to use because the roof timbers have been eaten by termites.

St Peters Malawi Education Trust
St Peters Malawi Education Trust will construct schools.

“The School shall have Solar Power which shall give chance to the villagers around Chalizya School to have access to electricity power as at the moment they don’t have access to mains electricity,” he added.

Chitonde told Malawi24 that the plans are to install Solar panels on two classrooms to provide free power lights and phone charging points which the whole community will be able to utilise.

“Pupils will be able to study out of school hours and the rooms will also be available to use as community “HUB” during the evenings,” he said.

The students will also receive mosquito nets. This will be a continuation of a project which happened in 2012 whereby over 250 vulnerable families in the area of Chitanthamapiri received a free mosquito net.

A new borehole shall be drilled to help the Primary School and surrounding villagers who have no access to clean drinking water.

The community’s population around the School estimated at 3000 people currently shares one borehole which is most of the times not working.

Girls in the area are also unable to access a full education because of a lack of sanitary wear and the Trust will donate over 500 reusable kits to the area which is costing £20 per cup, and they shall be trained how to use the cup. A cup would last for 10 years.

In July this year a small team will be visiting Malawi to establish links with the British High Commission, the Malawi Ministry of Education and the Sub Traditional Authority of the Area.

This trip will also be used to organise work that can be completed prior to their arrival in 2018 such as organising the locals to make bricks, demolish existing classrooms, undertaking surveys for the Borehole and visiting local suppliers of materials.

Chalizya Primary School is a Pilot Project in the Area as well as in Kasungu District. The Trust shall build more Primary Schools in the District.

The Trust has been registered under: Charity No 1171615 in United Kingdom in honour to Sapulain Chitonde Lee who showed them a focused minds, dedication, visionary and truthiness.