NGO donates wheelchair to paralysed boy

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Malawi project Inc. has donated a wheelchair to a paralysed boy in Nkhotakota.

Saul after receiving the chair

The boy Saul Matchado, 17, has a passion of continuing his education but lack of wheelchair has been holding him back.

Speaking during handover ceremony of the wheelchair, mother of the boy Joyce Kasunda said the NGO has played a vital role since some stakeholders just promised but failed to fulfil.

“I am happy that my son now will proceed with his education, he will be going and he will not fail. When Saul went to Blantyre at Beit Cure, they told me that they will give me a wheelchair and I spent a week in the hospital but they failed to provide one.

“I am really thankful to God for directing this NGO to me, God must continue guiding and blessing them as they have played a crucial role in Saul’s life,” she said.

In his remarks, Warehouse Manager of Malawi Project Wilson Tembo advised the parents of the boy to urge him to continue with his education.

“There should be a change, If Saul was failing to go to school because he was lacking transport means, you parents must be at forefront of encouraging him to be going to school,” Tembo said.

“It can happen to have this wheelchair but just staying at home and if you will just be idle without sending him to school this wheelchair will not be of great importance because our aim as Malawi Project is to see him continuing with his education,” Tembo added.

He later said that if there other children who have problems like of Saul, his NGO through Namikango Mission-Church of Christ is ready to support them so that they can continue with their education.

“Malawi Project is now keen to help such children to continue because what we need is too see the vulnerable children reaching far with their education,” he said.

Speaking at the same function, District Education Manager of Nkhotakota District Greystone Ali Ndi Amao said what the NGO has done is investing long lasting investment in the district since Saul will be educated and the district will hopefully benefit from him.

Mr Ali Ndi Amao added that the school committee at a school where Saul will buy him school uniform from funds that come from the district education office.

The issue of Saul came to be known following the ‘Go back to school awareness campaign,’ which was organized by Nkhotakota District Executive Network for My Life Choice in his home village aimed at sensitizing communities on the need to send children to school.

After Malawi24 wrote a story on the campaign and Saul’s predicament, the NGO offered to give Saul the wheelchair.


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  1. This is good news to the boy. Thanks to the NGO for the timely assistance. Indeed many children with similar conditions are suffering across the country. I wish we had many NGOs with similar objectives.

    However, I do not think this news is worth posting on the network. Are you serious all of us should be spending our valuable time and data bundles reading about a bicycle donated somewhere by a certain NGO? A bicycle?

    My feeling is that this story does not qualify to be here. This just shows how poor we are in everything. Even our thinking needs to improve. I am not sure how Malawi can develop with this kind of thinking. GOD BLESS MALAWI

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