Treason charges dropped against Kabwila, two others

Jessie Kabwila

Vocal Parliamentarians Jessie Kabwila and Peter Chakwantha and member of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Ulemu Msungama could now afford a smile following revelations that the High Court in Blantyre has dropped their treason case.

The three were arrested on 22 February 2016 over a WhatsApp conversation which went viral on social media and led the police to believe that the three were discussing plans to overthrow President Peter Mutharika.

Jessie Kabwila
Jessie Kabwila: Her treason charges has been dropped.

For a year now, the police have been failing to take the three suspects to court arguing that they are still making investigations on the case.

They were accused of plotting to remove President Peter Mutharika in reminiscent of the ‘Arab Spring’. The charges are based on a thread of WhatsApp messages.

In his ruling, Justice Healy Potani asked the state to refrain from making arrests before completing investigations.

He also ordered the state to pay all the legal costs incurred by the applicants in the case.

Initially, Apoche Itimu who was the State’s lawyer in admitted in the court that they have currently no evidence against the accused.

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) had also blasted the Police for using the WhatsApp chat to arrest the three arguing that the messages were part of the politicians’ freedom of expression.

Media reports are at the moment claimng that the accused intend to seek compensation for their arrests saying their reputation had gotten tarnished through the case.



  1. I said before that there was no case for those people. Ut was just a political persecution and give fear to opponents. I said they will sue the government and paid huge sum of money. Government of dpp doesn’t care as long as it will not come from their pocket. They are irresponsible and wrong people on power. Same will happen to Joice Banda, she will pocket alot

  2. The correct title should be COURT QUASHES TREASON CASE. As to say Charges have been dropped sounds as if the prosecution initiated the action. There was no evidence hence no csse. Ps Kabwila concetrate on rebuilding your MCP with your president. 2019 you will arrest all these thugs.

  3. Indeed Kabwila and her whatsapp chat colleagues should go all the way to claim for compensation! Let the government pay for its crimes! The stupid police officer who initiated their arrest should also be taken to task for wasting taxpayers money.He should be imprisoned. These political persecutions should stop in Malawi.

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