Ntcheu rescued police officer gets 8 years in jail

Malawi Police

Ntcheu magistrate court has sentenced to eight years imprisonment with hard labour a police officer who was rescued from mob justice three weeks ago.

The junior police officer Ralph Banda together with two other thieves was on Tuesday, March 7 this year rescued from an angry mob that wanted to kill him for stealing.

Constable Banda was caught on the night of the said date stealing at Ntonda in the district.

Malawi Police officer
Banda (C) wascaught stealing.

Reports showed that Banda and two other thieves broke into a shop in the area but were caught red-handed by the shop owner.

It was also reported that the shop owner then called for help from his neighbours who rushed to the scene.

When the community members noticed that amongst the thieves there was a police officer, they got angry and started beating the thieves.

The three were heavily beaten by the angry community members who wanted to kill them. Fortunately for the thieves, other police officers came and rescued them.

On the night, some of the police officers sustained injuries while rescuing the three thieves from the mob.

Ralph Banda together with the other two robbers has since been convicted on attempted robbery case.


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