Malawi youths urged to stay away from alcohol, marijuana

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Drug Fight Malawi has urged youths in Malawi to stay away from drug and substance abuse for the betterment of their future.

Executive Director for Drug Fight Malawi Nelson Zakeyu said young people are the most active in society hence the need for them to help in the development of the country rather than indulging in drug and substance abuse.

Zakeyu added that young people should know that drug and substance abuse is very dangerous as it destroys their brains as well as their future.

Nelson Zakeyu
Zakeyu: We are creating a bad future.

“Young people must know that when they are using drugs and substances they are destroying their lives and their future,” said Zakeyu.

He added that a generation of youths who are indulging in drug and substance abuse is a lost future to the country as there would be no leaders for tomorrow.

Zakeyu further said that young people must concentrate on their education for the future of the country and there is need for youths to know the dangers of such acts.

For some time, Drug Fight Malawi has been lobbying for the implementation of the alcohol policy which the organisation hopes will lead to regulation of alcohol consumption.

The organisation was founded in response to the negative consequences of consumption, tobacco smoking and abuse of drugs.