Mutharika is ignorant – says Lucius Banda

Peter Mutharika president

President Peter Mutharika’s remarks that one MP is misguided for preferring not too endorse the partnership of the ruling DPP and the opposition UDF has earned him the wrath of Balaka North Parliamentarian Lucius Banda.

Peter Mutharika president
Mutharika is ignorant, Lucius Banda

In a statement that the leader of UDF in Parliament has released to the general public, Banda has hit back at the President calling him ignorant and misguided on the issue that he was commenting on.

According to the statement which Malawi24 has seen, Banda has said that he feels that the President made the remarks ‘out of ignorance as he is misguided and ill-advised’.

Banda further said that the alliance that Mutharika talked about between his DPP and the UDF does not exist. This is despite the leader of the UDF. Atupele Muluzi, serving in the cabinet of Peter Mutharika and UDF Members of Parliament sitting on the government benches.

Banda said that there has been no legal binding document signed by the two political parties that signify that they are in a working relationship.

“I have never seen, nor have I ever been presented with a signed document cementing a working union between the DPP and the UDF,” reads a part of the statement.

He then warns Mutharika to stop commenting on issues that he has no better knowledge on.

“I encourage President Mutharika to desist from commenting on something that does not exist lest he is exposed as someone who is misguided, disillusioned and deluded,” says Banda.