Man found with firearm in Lilongwe


Police at Lingadzi are keeping in custody Grecian Mzunga, 32, for being found in possession of a pistol with seven live ammunition at Area 18 on Sunday.

Lingadzi police spokesperson Foster Benjamin confirmed the development to Malawi24.

Benjamin said the suspect and his other two accomplices at large were closely following up a certain lady who was driving to her shop at Bwandilo.

“The lady, Jane Mfune, got suspicious and decided to call two military friends who didn’t hesitate following up the matter.

“The alleged suspicious vehicle, a Toyota corolla registration number MH 3598 vanished to some unknown place before it reappeared later trailing Mrs Mfune on her way back home from Bwandilo,” Benjamin added.

The lady who was later joined by her husband, drove home before the husband returned and accompanied the soldiers to Area 18 where they found the alleged vehicle parked near Maimba’s Building.

The three confronted the suspects but two of them managed to escape.

Immediately they searched into the vehicle and found a pistol, CZ 83.9 caliber with 7 live bullets and a panga knife.

Mzunga was instantly handed over to police. He is facing a charge of possessing dangerous weapons.

Mzunga is from Sandram Village in the area of Traditional Authority Nsabwe in Thyolo District.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the matter to arrest the other two suspects.



  1. Malawi sounds much more rational and civilized than here in the Unitrd States where we suffer more than 33,000 deaths from gun violence each year.

    1. Hey, criminals are not limited to a particular tribe! Every tribe has both good people and bad people. The good news is that the majority of people in each tribe are law-abiding and therefore good people. Generalising that a particular tribe is ‘ciminal’ is therefore both incorrect and unfair. Let us be sincere and objective in our comments please!!!!

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