Malawi Govt. making strides to fight TB


The Malawi Government says few people are dying from Tuberculosis (TB) today due to the measures it has put in place to fight the disease.

Spokesperson in the ministry of health Adrian Chikumbe made the remarks following the commemoration of World TB Day which falls on 24th March every year.

According to Chikumbe, few people are now dying from the disease since Malawians know that treatment for the disease is available in hospitals across the country

Adrian Chikumbe

Chikumbe: We are making strides.

“We are making progress in combating TB as the death rate due to TB has decreased because we have intensified different methods in order for patients to access early treatment,” said Chikumbe.

He said the ministry is establishing centres in different communities in order for people not to travel long distances to access health care.

Chikumbe said the ministry organises open days which have also helped to combat TB as most people are now aware of the disease.

He added that civic educating people on the prevention of the disease is also helping a lot as people are aware of ways of preventing the disease and go for early treatment.

Meanwhile, the ministry of health has urged people living with or taking care of TB patients to get tested so that they too have might get treatment as early as possible if they have the disease.