NGO reacts to Malawi24 story

A Non-Governmental Organisation has responded to a Malawi24 story about a paralysed young man in Nkhotakota by offering to give him a wheelchair.

Malawi24 published a story about 17-year-old Saul Matchado from Vinthenga village in the district who is failing to go to school because he is paralysed.

A Malawi24 story days ago brought to light the plight of Saul Matchado.

An organization called Malawi Project Inc. based in Malawi’s old capital city, Zomba has pledged to offer the wheelchair to the boy so that he can go back to school.

Confirming the help to Malawi24, an official from Malawi Project Inc. Wilson Tembo said that it is indeed helpful for the boy to be given a wheelchair.

“We have a wheelchair we can help the boy to go to school,” Tembo said.

Saul Matchado stopped going to school when he was in Standard 5 at Jalo Primary School because both his legs got paralysed three years ago.

According to his parents, they went to Nkhotakota District Hospital and then he was referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital where he was helped but later on the challenge re-emerged.

His parents said that one day on his way to school, which is at a distance of 3.5 km from his home, he fell down and from that day he stopped walking.

Saul seems passionate about education but no one can carry him on a daily basis hence the coming of the wheelchair will help him go back to school.


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