Poets to celebrate World Poetry Day at Dzaleka


Poets under Sapitwa Poetry Movement will on Saturday celebrate World Poetry Day at Dzaleka Refugee camp in Dowa district under the theme “There is hope for everyone.”

The World Poetry Day falls on 21st March every year but poets in the country have planned to celebrate the auspicious occasion with people at Dzaleka on March 25.

One of the organizers Menes La Plume told Malawi24 that the event has been scheduled to take place at Dzaleka Refugee Camp because for the past three years the place has been attracting many artists from the country and region as well as audience from all over the world through the annual music and arts Tumaini festival.

Malawi poets

Chiwamba: It time to celebrate with our art.

According to La Plume, as the theme of the event reads, there is hope for everyone and all poets in the country want to show solidarity and share hope with fellow poets at Dzaleka.

“Poets when they visited that camp last November, they discovered many young talents there, through this commemorative day, they decided to go back to encourage their fellow poets living at Dzaleka Refugee Camp,” La Plume said.

Among others, poets will paint part of the camp, network, hold poetry workshop and free poetry recital.

Artists that will be available on the day are Robert Chiwamba, Yolie, Patwell, Wati, Jules, Menes, Tinashe, George, Morton, Rose, Mwiza and Mtisunge.

Speaking with Malawi24, Chiwamba said they are happy to celebrate the day at the camp.

“We are going there to celebrate World Poetry Day. We have social work, networking, and poetry workshop as part of the event. People should expect great performance as usual,” Chiwamba said.