Bishop Mtumbuka: Help displaced Malawians first, refugees later


Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Karonga Diocese in the Catholic Church says he is surprised that the Malawi government is busy giving land and helping refugees when Malawians are suffering and in need of similar support, it has been reported.

Bishop Mtumbuka

Bishop Mtumbuka: Malawians first

He made the remarks on the heels of the controversial plan by government to relocate refugees from Dzaleka in Dowa to Katili in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kyungu in Karonga.

But the Bishop bashed government for being a good Sammaritan to the refugees when Malawians displaced by disasters are in also destitute.

“I wonder why people, government or chiefs are busy with giving land or building houses for the refugees while their own brothers and sisters have nowhere to sleep,” Bishop Mtumbuka has been quoted as saying by a local online paper.

According to Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia, the decision to relocate the refugee camp follows a concern by government that the camp at Dzaleka was near Lilongwe, the capital city, a development that compromises the country’s security.

It has been projected that about 30,000 refugees will be moved to Karonga when the relocation begins next month.

Member of Parliament for the area Frank Mwenifumbo has described the relocation of the camp as illegal.


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