Tsar Leo, Tay Grin collabo in the offing

Tsar Leo

When two kings team up in a song, the ear enjoys the outcome. Malawi’s magical boy Tsar Leo has recorded a song with Tay Grin.

The project which is still in process will be finalised early next month when producers conclude their work. In this respect, Leo calls for patience from his fans.

He is in for a surprise, thus he would like to keep the title and message in the hit under wraps. This is besides Malawi24’s efforts to convince the artist to reveal the song’s concept.

Tsar Leo
Tsar Leo says he is working with Tay Grin in his next project.

Leo can only promise the very best from his combined effort with the Nyau King. This is the first time for the Lilongwe based singer cum rapper to work with Grin.

Four fine-tuned producers, AK, DJ Sley, Eril and Seven, are having their hands on the song, and you can only imagine the level of quality in the outcome.

For King Leo, it’s a dream come true to work with the Nyau King.

“Recording with Tay Grin was a great experience, honestly we had fun.”

Also in the song is the voice of Leo’s longtime partner Zach who has been trusted with the bridge. When all goes well an international artist may also have his input on the hit as they are currently in talks.

Born Leo Sibale, he is recognised as one of best urban artists on the land. The lad has instincts for producing songs of international standard.

Since getting into the limelight a few years ago, he has worked with a number of top artists locally. The list includes, Malinga Mafia, Martse, Young Kay, Third Eye and Cyclone among others.