Malawian Muslim youth told to be united


Muslim youth in the country have been urged to be united if they want to contribute positively towards development of the country and Islam in particular.

The call was made during a gathering that was organized by Lilongwe Technical College Muslim Association at its campus in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe.

In his remarks, Mr. Umar Mataka told the youth that the only way to contribute positively towards the country’s development and Islam is by being united.

Malawi Muslims urged to be united. (Library Image)

According to Mataka, Islam advocates for unity and God in the holy book of Quran demanded so.

Mataka gave examples of how unity has made various groupings and people successful in their activities.

“Jews were once separated but they later came together and formed the powerful country called Israel among Palestinians. Muslims now are not united but we can come together and move forward uniformly,” he said.

“Look in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Muslims are not united that is why war is not ending. We should emulate how other regional groupings are benefiting economic growth of these regions.” Mataka stressed.

He gave examples of European countries which formed European Union (EU) and Atlantic countries which formed North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO).

According to Mataka, such regional groupings are formed to strengthen unity and how the member countries should boost their social economic development.

Mataka also asked the youth to invest in education and science if they want to be productive for the country and Islam.

“We need to be united in science and education. Muslims must invest in these areas,” Mataka stressed.

In an interview with Malawi24, Bashir Kamwendo who attended the gathering said that indeed Muslim youth in the country need to go far with education.

Kamwendo who is studying Biotechnology at Bunda College said that a country and religion that does not invest in education cannot develop socioeconomically

The Muslim youth gathering was under the theme “Unity in Islam” and was attended by students from Malawi Institute of Journalism, Bunda College, and Lilongwe Technical College among others.

Among other activities at the event were lectures, dramas and recitation of the holy book of Qur’an.