Charles Lipenga inspires Malawians with Commonwealth award

Charles Lipenga

The success story of Charles Lipenga has left Malawians inspired as the country keeps searching for the formulae to development.

Lipenga was last week recognised with Commonwealth’s young person of the year award for Africa and Europe, for his contributions towards Malawi’s development through a number of initiatives.

Judges were impressed by his efforts, hence they did not hesitate to hand him the award.

He defeated nominees from other Commonwealth countries which has ignited confidence in Malawians. People now believe a Malawian can achieve anything if hard work takes precedence.

Charles Lipenga
Charles Lipenga: An inspiration to the youth.

Therefore all those without belief in this nation need to change their mindset.

“I must say it’s unbelievable that a Malawian has been awarded as young person of the year for Africa and Europe by Commonwealth. I think this is my turning point, I now believe in this nation,” said Alick Mwenefumbo a Malawian youth.

Another Malawian young lady said: “This is our time to shine Malawi, let’s borrow a leaf from Charles Lipenga and change our country for the better.”

Charles took initiatives which were in line with this year’s theme which is mainly concerned with achieving development goals. He is the founder for Maestros Leadership Team whose main contributions in the education sector across the country are quite remarkable.

Malawi under the leadership of President Peter Mutharika is built on three cornerstones: hard work, patriotism and integrity.

Lipenga has set an example for all those hungry for change.

This publication joins hands with Malawians in congratulating Charles Lipenga for raising the flag higher while encouraging the youth to follow suit in a bid to make our country a better place.