Malawi will always be poor – Mutharika


President Peter Mutharika has warned Malawians that the country will always remain poor.

In his speech on Malawi Day that falls on 18th March, Mutharika said Malawians must be buying Malawian products to promote goods and services that are locally made so that local industries should grow and Malawi’s economic growth should be promoted. He argued that ignoring local products for imported ones will always keep the country poor.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: Does not see Malawi getting out of poverty.

“In commemorating Malawi Day, I want us to be people who believe in ourselves, and people who believe in what we produce. I want us to be people who are proud of ourselves, and people who are proud of what we produce.

“If we undermine what we produce and value what others produce, we will always be a consuming and importing nation. We will always be poor,” Mutharika warned.

The president also reminded Malawians that last year the country implemented the Buy Malawian Strategy.

Mutharika said in commemorating Malawi Day this year, the country is promoted as a producing and exporting nation.

“Through this strategy we promote production of Malawian goods and services. We increase participation of the private sector in domestic trade. We increase participation of women and youth in business. Above all, we create more industries and new jobs.

“Our farmers want us to promote Malawian food and products so that we can create a good market for them. We cannot be importing tomatoes, eggs and Irish potatoes when our own farmers are growing them in abundance. We cannot, and we should never, undermine ourselves by looking down upon what we produce,” Mutharika stressed.

He later hailed religious leaders and civil servants for wearing locally made clothes every Friday.

Last year, Mutharika declared that every 18 March should be Malawi Day and also declared every Friday as a day that Malawians should be wearing locally made clothes.



  1. Malawi will not develop by “Malawians buy malawian “. Government must empower Malawians to produce and sell outside. Chuma sichingabwere mnyumba ngati tikugulitsana tokhatokha pa banjapo. Atsogoleri tamaganizani.

  2. Uchtsru waife amalaw ndiumenewo,,too much hypocricy,,PITALAyo wamvala jacket lopangidwa kunja,,then mkumauza amalaw kt buy malaw,,pali chamzeru,,? Komaso zopangdwa kumalaw kuno zosalimba koma zkuDulaso,,china bas…

  3. What industrial ;policies has Mutharika put in place to produce the kind of products our urban elite are spending their money on? Kamuzu had import substitution industries through Press, MDC and Admarc. Unless our industries stop producing substandard products Malawians will always go for imported goods. Which financial institutions are providing investment capital to encourage the same? Your wasted tax payers resources at UNGA accomplished nothing. The so much talked about investors are yet to be seen. Kamuzu had Inde bank and allowed government partnership with industries through conglomerates who participated in quality industrial production as was the case with lever Brothers, David Whitehead and Lonhro Just to name a few. Mutharika can not just engage in rhetorical diarrhea without putting in place conducive industrial development policies to attract investors considering he and his cronies have looted the treasury for potential partnership through government coffers. @ failed leadership

  4. Buying local products is not a problem but we have to teach producers of such products to meet minimum standards or we will be lying to ourselves. We can’t buy malawian simply to appease, but quality must improve which I don’t see happening anytime soon

  5. I personally ain’t a politician but what this guy reckons to us Malawian’s to support our own goods osati basi ati zakunja just to get fame kulemelesa ena jealous too much a Malawife. I can’t see the reason why some teens are after his speech here. Zoti Malawi ndziko loti ssilizathekaso akukana ndindan APA?

  6. Great! Lets enforce that with some policies. We must become a market of our own atleast for basic agro commodities. Y import tomato from Denmarc?

  7. Sipaja munkatikakamiza kuti voterani Peter Muthalika ndi professor wanzeru ngati ine ndikuwona chomwe chikuchitika cha nzeru apa. Mwawona he is declairing kuti tidzakhalabe osauka tizigula zopangidwa konkuno ndichani chomwe mungacherere kuti mwapanga inuyo. Bwanji muzipita komwe mudali kuno dziko lakukanikani matchona inu

  8. That’s great His Excellence the state president we must indeed embark on promoting our own made products and let me salute you His Excellence for your gesture of promoting local farmers that’s only policy that will assist you to retain your sit comes 2019 Sir, Enawa musawenvere samavota amakhala mtown basi, once again big up!!!!!

  9. Until the president declares that all govt vehicles will start running on ethanol fuel from PressCane from Nchalo I will not believe in Buy Malawi talk. Wearing zitenje shirts made from Chinese material is not serious business. Look at Trump. A little or a controlled economic protectionism is not harmful but a remedy to our dead economy. Its not a matter of pleading with Malawians but directives. These directives can only be issued by the man at the top.

  10. waziwa liti zimenezo?? mmene unkalowa muja unkati zinthu zisintha within two years zinasintha yah from bad to worse,nde pano uti???

  11. Malawians want to buy Malawian products but they issue mostly lays on quality and overpricing. There is no strict quality check and overpricing so customers are not respected. They are buying not happy but there is nothing they can do they don’t have choice and feel they being cheated with Malawian product. Government should look on. Foreign companies know That

  12. Stupid Leader,yes Malawi will remain poor because of you and your collegue who are busy stealing tax payers money and enrich yourself.Even if people start buying Malawian products we can’t develop with you as president because you are very corrupt.can’t you see that,you have got very good academic credentials but you luck wisdom.useless leader.

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