Invest in Malawi, Indians told

Joseph Mwanamvekha

The Malawi government through the ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism has urged Indians to be investing their money in the country.

This follows poor infrastructures that foreign nationals and other Malawians of Indian origin have despite making huge profits in their business.

Minister responsible Joseph Mwanamvekha appealed to the Indians during Malawi-India business forum held in Lilongwe on Friday to consider investing in infrastructure.

Joseph Mwanamvekha
Joseph Mwanamvekha has asked the Indian community to invest in Malawi.

“This meeting was to discuss on how they can invest in Malawi. For example, when you look at Limbe in Blantyre and Lilongwe Area 3 we have old buildings but they are making a lot of profits,” said Mwanamvekha.

He further disclosed that Malawi has flexed its policies to allow more investors to come into Malawi business cycles.

As a move of taking away old infrastructures in the city, Blantyre City Council launched Red star campaign as a measure of having modern standard buildings that could add beauty to the city.

Though the campaign was hampered by court injunctions, the objective of the campaign gives hope of having a changed commercial city of Blantyre.


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