Govt assures women of protection


The Malawi Government has assured women that it will continue doing everything possible to make sure that their rights are protected.

This comes after a mentally ill woman was sexually abused in Limbe after being wrongly accused of stealing from a shop.

People also took naked pictures of the woman and shared them on social media.

A police officer trying to whisk away a mentally ill woman from a mob in Limbe.

In a press statement released by the ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social welfare, government has expressed shock over the conduct by some people who are circulating images of the woman on social media.

The ministry also warned individuals circulating the pictures that they are participating in criminal activity.

“What is troubling is that the woman has a history of mental challenges and the public violation of the woman’s rights is uncalled for glorification of violence against women.

“The ministry therefore calls for action to be taken against the perpetrators of this horrific and shocking crime against the woman,” it stated.

The ministry however described conduct of the police officers who handled the issue as deeply concerning.

According to the press statement, every Malawian has the right to dignity, privacy, security of their person to be safe from any form of street justice hence any alleged criminal action is not supposed to be dealt with on the streets.

Meanwhile, government has reminded Malawians that a country is only as good as the way it protects the vulnerable and has called on them to be vigilant and protect vulnerable young women and children at all times.

Government has also called on all Malawians to report any strange and suspicious activities that violate the rights and wellbeing of women and girls so that the law take its course and stiffer penalties are imposed on the perpetrators.


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  1. No,no,no,no respect the law. Those women with mental challenges need be treated well. Do not forget that they never know anything because they are sick.Take them to hospital or men and women who can pray for them.I repeat, they know not what they do.

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