Liwewe rips into Civo

Civo United

Renowned soccer analyst Steve Liwewe Banda says Civo Service United should have swallowed their pride by playing in the second tier of Chipiku Central Region Football League instead of replacing Epac FC through the backdoor.

The Lilongwe based side got relegated last season after finishing on 15th position in the 16 member league.

Now, instead of playing in the Premier Division next season, Civo management met Epac FC owner Dean Josaya where the two parties agreed that Civo must replace Epac FC in the top flight when the season kicks off next month.

And reacting to the development on MBC’s Midweek Sports program, Liwewe Banda said the decision to have Civo back in the Super League through the backdoor is very unfortunate.

Civo United
Civo United should have swallowed their pride, a pundit has said.

“They should have just swallowed their pride by playing in the premier division because that’s where they belong. They had a disappointing season in the top flight so why are they refusing to play in the Chipiku League?

“Look at Newcastle, they got relegated last season in the English Premiership, where are they playing now? I don’t understand how our football is being run in the country. It seems when it comes to football, I think we have got our own rules here because under normal circumstances, Civo should have been allowed to play in the Premier Division,” he said.

It was reported that Josaya was given money for him to relegate his own team to the second tier of Malawi’s football.

In 1999, Civo got relegated and they were saved by Sulom when another team was introduced in the top flight.


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