Mob undresses mentally ill woman


A mob in Blantyre on Thursday stripped naked a mentally ill woman after suspecting her of stealing from Blockbuster shop.

A police officer rescues the abused woman

Other people took photos of the abused woman and the pictures have since gone viral on social media.

In the pictures, the woman is seen crying as she experiences the ordeal.

However, the police have refuted claims that the woman stole from the shop.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Thursday evening, Limbe Police spokesperson Pedzesai Zembeneko said the police condemns the act arguing that they are to arrest those who took the photos.

“We just got reports that some people were taking photos of a woman who was naked and our police officers rushed to the scene and rescued her, when we interviewed her we noted that she was a mad woman and we haven’t received any case of theft from the shop,” said Zembeneko.

He further condemned the act of taking photos of the woman arguing that those who were involved lacked the spirit of “humanity.”

“It is not good that people should abuse the social network like that, it was their responsibility to take the person to police and not take photos,” added Zembeneko.

Meanwhile the police have sent the woman to her relations.



  1. Mukukanika kuvula mbava za DPP zimene zikupakula misonkho yanu dzuwa Liri n’gee

  2. OMG… this is bad. people really abuses social media.just imagine if it was you on public,naked, and somebody shot you a photo and post it on social are going to feel about it mara?! agggga mann this is cruel

  3. this world has gone to the dogs really!! enjoying taking photos of one abused and not doing anything to help but to add salt on the already afflicted is just as inhumane as stealing millions of money while others die for the lack of proper medication and hunger!! we are the worst of creatures and i feel sorry that i am a ‘human being’ as those who are propagating this malpractice and maltreatment to our fellow humans. this is becoming sickening now! this technology is stealing ‘our humanity’ with our consent!!

  4. I am not happy with stripping off women. This is bad and I do not like this. If she stole they could have called the police. If it was armed robbery that would be different case. She must be compensated by Block Buster as they could have avoided the situation.

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