Govt appoints MBC, EGENCO board members

Rev Patrick Makondetsa

The Government of Malawi has appointed new members to run the affairs of two statutory corporations namely Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and Electricity Generation Company Limited (EGENCO).

Rev Patrick Makondetsa
Rev Patrick Makondetsa named in MBC leadership.

According to a statement signed by Chief Secretary to Government Lloyd Muhara, the new members have been appointed as chairpersons and members of the Boards of Directors for Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and Electricity Generation Company Limited.

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation has a new board chairperson and he is Rev Billy Gama while board members are Emily Egolet Banda, Rev Patrick Makondetsa, Paramount Chief Lundu, Senior Traditional Authority Chadza, Miss Martha Pakaine.

Secretary for Information and communications, Secretary to the treasury, and Comptroller of Statutory Corporations completes the board as ex-officios.

For Electricity Generation Company Limited, Chief Secretary to the government Muhara has been appointed as its chairperson while board members are Arthur Sabrel Mandambwe, Gloria Nkando, Gloria Chawinga, Rev Noel Gama, Secretary to the Treasury, Secretary for Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Solicitor General and Secretary for Justice.


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